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2020 Thanks for Giving

A message from Dr. Fraser Henderson and Dorothy Poppe, Bobby Jones CSF Executive Director

The Bobby Jones CSF family is so grateful for your support, especially during this very difficult year.

Your generous gifts have helped patients and families by funding the Bobby Jones CSF Virtual “Ask the Expert,” providing live educational online videos and allowing patients and researchers the ability to ask questions and get a direct response from world class physicians. Your contributions have also made possible our monthly virtual support group meetings for young adults, patients, parents & caregivers who need to find hope in an already isolated world.

Like many, Bobby Jones CSF has been hit hard by COVID-19, as we were forced to cancel four of our fundraisers this year, which were projected to raise almost half our annual income. This income was expected to fund research projects that are currently underway, the Chiari Clinical Research Network and Chiari Surgical Success Scale, the International Patient Registry project, and two clinical trials – one assessing treatments for craniocervical instability and another for tethered cord syndrome.

Though COVID-19 did not put an end to our work, it has put this extremely important work in jeopardy with the halt in our fundraising. Please consider supporting the advancement of these research projects that will not only impact how research is done in the future but will allow physicians to better diagnose and treat Chiari and syringomyelia, giving patients and their families relief from these debilitating disorders.

During this challenging time, we ask you to reflect on what you are thankful for…

Bobby Jones CSF is thankful for every gift we receive. We are thankful for YOU!