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Back in the Game Campaign

Back in the Game

Most kids get involved in sports to stay active, learn important life skills and make lots of friends. But for so many children who suffer from physical disabilities, finding a sport that makes sense for them is extremely difficult. Children with Chiari, syringomyelia and varying levels of paralysis are generally unable to play basketball, soccer, or many of the other popular sports that their friends and family do.

Golf can provide an incredible outlet for these kids to learn valuable life skills like discipline, perseverance, and ambition while also meeting life-long friends and mentors and maintaining an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, there have only been partially functional accessible golf cars for adults with disabilities, and absolutely no accessible golf cars that are appropriate for children… until now.

Bobby Jones CSF has commissioned Georgia Tech, the alma mater of famed amateur golfer and syringomyelia patient Bobby Jones, to develop the first accessible golf car that is better-suited to accommodate both adults and children.

The first golf car of its kind was provided to Gabby, a girl who lives in Staten Island, New York, who was able to finally play golf alongside her twin brother without having to be pushed in a wheelchair. “No one has to push me around or carry my clubs,” she said with a smile.

Now, Gabby will be able to play a sport she loves with the people she loves most for the rest of her life.

We want to bring this life-changing golf car to children with physical disabilities all around the country.

Our goal is to raise funds to cover the cost of more of these golf cars to provide to children and improve their quality of life. Please help us improve the quality-of-life for countless other children like Gabby!

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