Patient Events

Pediatric Neurosurgery Meeting Access

Date : December 02 - 04, 2022

Location: Online

It’s the season of giving, and we want to give the gift of up-to-date research results in neurosurgery. You will have a rare opportunity to access the annual conference of the AANS/CNS Joint Section on Pediatric Neurosurgery will run from Friday, Dec 2 through Sun, Dec 4 in Washington, DC.

BJCSF understands the importance of patients and their loved ones having the most up-to-date information about these disorders… To make sure all patients and caregivers have access to this education, we are offering virtual access to various sessions relevant to Chiari, syringomyelia and related disorders!

Please Note: While patients and caregivers should not ask questions during the sessions, BJCSF will be hosting a post-meeting Q&A session to discuss everything that went on during the conference! Information on this session will be emailed over the next few days.

The time to register is limited. Please sign up by Thursday evening at 11:59PM Eastern Time to ensure you receive an access link.

Below are the sessions of this conference that may be interesting to individuals impacted by Chiari malformation, syringomyelia or related disorders. *All times are reported in the local time (Washington, DC) Eastern Time.


Hydrocephalus Session

10:45-11:05am | History of Hydrocephalus

11:05am-12:00pm | Various Abstract Presentations


Epilepsy & Neuromodulation Session

1:45-1:50pm | Responsive Neurostimulation Device Therapy in Pediatric Patients with Complex Medically Refractory Epilepsy

1:50-3:00pm | Various Abstract Presentations


Dysraphism/Fetal Neurosurgery Session

4:15-4:20pm | Prenatal Repair and Physical Functioning Among Children with Myelomeningocele

4:20-5:05pm | Various Abstract Presentations

5:05-5:20pm | Challenges and Advocacy for Adult Transition


Craniofacial Neurosurgery Session

8:00-8:15am | Section Chair Address – Dr. Bermans Iskandar


Chiari Session

3:35-4:05pm | Keynote: What Have We Truly Learned About Chiari/Future?

4:05-4:15pm | Point/Counterpoint: To Open, or Not to Open?

4:15-4:20pm | Evidence-Based Medicine: Best Paper Presentation

4:20-5:00pm | Various Abstract Presentations (*listed below)

  1. Revision Chiari Malformation Surgery: Is Tonsillar Coagulation to Blame?
  2. Pre-Operative Screening Measures to Determine the Presence of an Arachnoid Veil in Chiari Malformation
  3. Association Between Radiographic Variable and Clinical Course in Pediatric Chiari Malformation Type I



Trauma Session

8:00-8:30am | Keynote: Where Are We Today with Head Trauma/ICP Control/Non-Invasive ICP Monitoring?

8:45-8:50am | Evidence-Based Medicine: Best Paper Presentation


Spine & Technology Session

10:35-11:05am | Role of AI/AR/VR in the Future of Neurosurgery

11:05 – 11:45am | Various Abstract Presentations

11:45 – 11:55am | Research Award Winner Announcements (Including BJCSF Award)

11:55 am | Closing Remarks

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