Cathy  Poznik

Cathy Poznik

National Walk Director

Cathy lives in Twinsburg, Ohio with her husband Jim and has three boys, Calvin, Brent & Travis. Calvin has Chiari malformation, syringomyelia, and high intra-cranial pressure and Brent has Chiari malformation, dysautonomia, mast cell and EDS.

Beginning in 2002, Cathy was a volunteer with the American Syringomyelia Alliance Project and then a board member. She was named ASAP’s volunteer of the year in 2005 for the work she had done raising funds at various events she set up.

Cathy was an original member of the Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation’s (Bobby Jones CSF) Board of Directors when the organization was incorporated in 2007. She continued raising funds and awareness through events and was later hired as an employee of the organization in early 2011.

Her work with Bobby Jones CSF includes overseeing the unite4answer events (previously called unite@night), completing the annual charity registration in the 42 states that require it, overseeing the Dinner Dance for a Cure in Twinsburg Ohio, doing advocacy work with the unite@thehill program, and working very closely with people on social media to continue to develop these programs and events. Cathy also travels to educational lectures and unite4answer events to meet many of the people she works with.

Cathy’s goal in working with Bobby Jones CSF is to continue her work in grass roots programs, raise much needed funds for research and programs that educate about these disorders, and work with the medical research board and Board of Directors that has committed itself to the cause.