Outcomes in Pediatric Chiari I Malformation Patients without Decompression

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2018 CSF Research Colloquium: New Chiari Malformation & Syringomyelia Studies

Each year, CSF hosts an annual colloquium to improve the academic research space associated with the study of Chiari malformation, syringoymelia and related disorders. Experts are able to present their research and engage in meaningful discussions with others who look at these problems with a critical eye. All the presentations were based on recently published studies as of mid-2018.

Dr. David Sandberg of Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center delivers a presentation of his team's work following up with pediatric Chiari patients who did not have decompression surgery.

The paper describes the symptoms and health outcomes that were experienced by kids who for one reason or another did not have Chiari decompression surgery. This study is very important because it shows that many younger patients who present with a Chiari malformation on their MRI may not need Chiari decompression for their symptoms to resolve or be under control, over time.

This data helps ease the worries of parents who may be scared about their child's diagnosis, and helps ease their minds if their doctors (and any second opinions!) have suggested that maybe surgery is not the best option. (2018)

Revised: 9/2019