Beyond Enrollment: Posterior Fossa Decompression with and without Duraplasty in Chiari Malformation I with Syringoymelia

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2018 CSF Research Colloquium: New Chiari Malformation & Syringomyelia Studies

Each year, CSF hosts an annual colloquium to improve the academic research space associated with the study of Chiari malformation, syringoymelia and related disorders. Experts are able to present their research and engage in meaningful discussions with others who look at these problems with a critical eye. All the presentations were based on recently published studies as of mid-2018.

St. Louis Children's clinical research specialist, Thanda Meehan, provides an update on the ongoing clinical trial studying Chiari surgery (called, posterior fossa decompression surgery) with and without duraplasty. A duraplasty is performed when the surgeon opens up the dura mater in the brain and later seals it up to better assess the anatomy below, and ensure there will be enough space after surgery to let cerebrospinal fluid flow. This occasionally can lead to infections and other complications post-op, but some surgeons believe it is worth doing to ensure a more successful surgery.

The clinical trial is occurring at multiple medical institutions around the country, and this presentation given by Ms. Meehan provides us with up-to-date goings-on at these collaborating centers. Learn more about the PFD trial on our website, or by contacting us!

Revised: 9/2019