Pediatric Chiari 1 Malformations: Presentation, Indications for Treatment & Management

Video Poster

There is a LOT of information to learn if you are a newly diagnosed patient or caregiver of a patient with Chiari malformation. It can feel overwhelming for anyone, but luckily, Dr. Francesco Mangano has delivered this excellent overview of the disorder.

This is a great video to watch to learn more about what Chiari malformation is, how it is diagnosed using radiographic imaging and clinical signs, and how it is best treated in patients who are having problems. Dr. Mangano also goes into more details about co-morbid and related disorders, which can include syringomyelia, scoliosis, cranio-cervical abnormalities and more.

Dr. Mangano also gives a fantastic overview of the surgical treatment for Chiari malformation, diving deep into exactly how the surgery is done. Importantly, if you or your loved one has been recently diagnosed and unsure about whether or not Chiari decompression surgery would be right for you, Dr. Mangano provides a useful algorithm that might help you determine if you or your loved one will do better after surgery!

This presentation was given at the October 2019 meeting at Cincinnati Children's Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. (2019)


Revised: 12/2019