Chiari Over the Ages – Dr. Gerry Grant

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Help share more videos like this by donating to Bobby Jones CSF:   Dr. Grant on working with patients with Chiari of all ages..."It's been really interesting to start thinking now what we can do across the span of age for Chiari."   Before our open virtual Q&A, Dr. Grant briefly explains the variations in Chiaris, diagnosing Chiari I both "from the text book" and in practice through looking at things like: Imaging, Unilateral Chiari I, Neck Positioning and Imaging, Tonsillar descent by age, and, of course, LISTENING to the patient! He shares a few cases to exemplify how difficult Chiari is in terms of diagnosis, understanding symptoms, how they might relate to imaging, and how treatment decisions are not so easy! This meeting was held completely virtually on October 18th. (2023)   Connect with Us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: http://instagram/bobbyjonescsf