Ask the Expert featuring Dr. Ryan Myers

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Help share more videos like this by donating to Bobby Jones CSF! Ryan Myers, PhD, CEO and co-founder of CranioSense, explains what intracranial hypertension (IH) is, the difficulties in how it is currently diagnosed, and that most hospitals in the US lack the specialties to diagnose IH. The current method for measuring intracranial pressure involves drilling a hole in the skull and physically inserting a sensor into the brain. CranioSense has developed IPASS, a technology that measures intracranial pressure in seconds, without the need to drill a hole in the skull or insert a sensor into the brain. IPASS measures intracranial pressure (ICP) with an easy-to-use system that only requires a patch on the forehead, two clip-on sensors, and a handheld device the size of an iPad. Learn more about how the technology works and when we can look forward to seeing this great tech in our hospitals from Dr. Myers here!   This meeting was held completely virtually on November 2nd. (2023)   Connect with Us: Facebook:   Twitter: Instagram: