Chiari as an Incidental Finding

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Chiari I as an Incidental Finding. What does that mean exactly? This means that someone radiologically presents with a tonsillar herniation of 5mm or greater without experiencing Chiari symptoms. About 4% of the pediatric population has an incidental finding of a Chiari I. In the adult population it is about 1%. In this Ask the Expert, Dr. Mark Proctor explains in depth what this means for patients, both pediatric and adult. Do I need surgery? What are the risks having surgery versus not having surgery? Do I need to take specific precautions now that I know that I have a Chiari I Malformation? Dr. Proctor covers Chiari I with a syrinx, Chiari I with scoliosis without syrinx, the exacerbation of a Chiari through trauma, and much more! This lecture was given completely virtually on February 29th. (2024)