CSF Production: Now with Co-transport of Water

Video Poster

2019 CSF Hydrodynamics Symposium

OSLO, NORWAY - JULY 1-2, 2019

Dr. Nanna MacAuley describes the complexities of fluid transport in the mammalian brain. Our current understanding of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) production and water transport in the brain is flawed. There are many instances where theories previously provided can be argued against.

Dr. MacAuley introduces a new explanation involving a co-transporter called NKCC1. Involving the transport of sodium, potassium, and chlorine, NKCC1 may offer a new theory to our understanding of CSF production and transport in the brain. (2019)

This presentation was made possible thanks to a generous grant from The Monkton Institute and was presented at the 2019 CSF Hydrodynamics Symposium held in Oslo, Norway.

Revised: 9/2019