Glymphatic System: Peri-arterial Basement Membrane Pathways

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2019 CSF Hydrodynamics Symposium

OSLO, NORWAY - JULY 1-2, 2019

Roxana Carare, PhD discusses results from her lab's investigation of cellular pathways in the glymphatic system. Very little is currently understood about the glymphatic system, but one current hypothesis is that solutes and interstitial fluid leave the brain through intramural peri-arterial drainage (IPAD) pathways.

The study Dr. Carare describes provides evidence for this theory and even a potential explanation and process for the build up of amyloid beta in Alzheimer's disease.

The results suggest that therapies that involve transferring medicine via cerebrospinal fluid may be a suitable option in treating some neurological disorders.

This presentation was made possible thanks to a generous grant from The Monkton Institute and was presented at the 2019 CSF Hydrodynamics Symposium held in Oslo, Norway.


Revised: 9/2019