All Through Art: The Healing Arts & Self Expression

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4th Annual CSF Disorders Symposium: From Canvas to Clinic - Art & the Management of Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders

Nancy Gaucher-Thomas explains how the healing arts continues to be used more and more in the clinic as an effective treatment for many conditions. Creating art has been shown in studies to reduce pain, lower anxiety, and decrease stress. As it is used more and more often, we continue to learn even more about the many ways that art can benefit patients who may be struggling with difficult diagnoses, and even help along their road to recovery.

Ms. Gaucher-Thomas ends her presentation with a moving depiction of the ways that all art-- be it visual arts, music, dance, drama, creative writing and more-- can improve cognition, physical symptoms, emotional functioning and overall well-being.

This presentation was made at the 4th annual CSF Disorders Symposium held at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University. The title of the meeting was "From Canvas to Clinic" and identified the important connections between art and medicine. (2019)

  Revised: 9/2019