Hypermobility EDS, Connective Tissue Disorders, Genetics, Joints and the Spine

Video Poster
DECEMBER 2, 2017
Dr. Andrew White gives a funny, interesting and informal (no PowerPoint!) presentation on genetic connective tissue disorders. He describes how these disorders are frequently diagnosed and treated and talks about some of the less common things discussed about these medical mysteries. This presentation is filled with lots of great information for patients and families struggling with connective tissue disorders! For instance, most of us know that the most common type of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is Type 3, or the hypermobility type... but did you know that there are actually at least 11 other types of EDS? Or did you know that strengthening muscles can improve symptoms in patients with EDS Type 3, but may not necessarily be helpful in other connective tissue disorders like EDS Type 4 or Marfan's? Or that lupus is considered a connective tissue disorder? Watch the full video to gain a ton of knowledge about connective tissue disorders! Got questions after the presentation? Start a conversation with us on Facebook or send us an email! (2017)

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