Transforming the Patient Experience through Virtual Human Modeling

Video Poster

4th Annual CSF Disorders Symposium: From Canvas to Clinic - Art & the Management of Cerebrospinal Fluid Disorders

Technological advances have made modern medicine what it is today. Recent abilities of computing have allowed the field of engineering to develop human models of various types of disease. Modeling has been used to accurately diagnose everything from cancer to heart disease and is being used more and more in the prognosis and important pre-surgical strategy of neurological disorders.

Dr. Victor Oancea gives an excellent overview of simulations: how did we develop such realistic simulations and how they can be used to improve outcomes for patients in medical treatment.

Karl D'Souza then describes how Dassault Systemes was able to develop CSF flow models for use in the understanding and better treatment of CSF disorders.

Engineering and modeling have the potential to help predict how different treatments will work in different patients-- and this presentation provides an exciting peek into the future of their clinical applications for patients with CSF disorders.

This presentation was made at the 4th annual CSF Disorders Symposium held at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine of Brown University. The title of the meeting was "From Canvas to Clinic" and identified the important connections between art and medicine. (2019)

  Revised: 9/2019