Ask the Expert: Back to School – Chiari & COVID-19

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Ask the Expert Virtual Q&A - Back to School, Chiari & COVID-19 with Suzanne Oró MSN, RN. Suzanne is a Nationally Certified School Nurse, now out of CO, and former school health administrator. Mrs. Oró walks through the various educational models being utilized as students return to school, school health services, addresses areas of concern, resources for parents and much more! Visit the Chiari@School section of our website for important documents related to COVID-19 and students with disabilities including: legal rights regarding IEP/504, transportation, and health and safety. This presentation was given virtually on August 27, 2020 during our Ask the Expert Virtual Q&A Series. (2020) Note from Bobby Jones CSF: We want to take a moment to sincerely thank all those who donated in support of this virtual presentation. No one at the organization was expecting that much generosity during such a difficult time for us all. From the bottom of the hearts of our boards, staff and volunteers, we want to thank you for your donations. Your kindness continues to motivate us and makes us all the more certain that this work is valuable and helping the people who need it. Thank you.   Full transcript (coming soon):

Revised: 12/2020