Power Over Pain: Cultivating Resilience of Mind and Body to Live with Joy

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Dr. Parker, physical therapist and chronic pain coach, introduces tips for when you're feeling trapped by your pain, a burden to your loved ones, and feeling like you're not getting the right answers or solves for your issues. What is pain? Why are we feeling it? How can we keep our "reptilian brain" from overreacting in pain situations? Building resilience using your thoughts, your breath, and your support system and daily routines.   This was presented at the Unite@theHill wellness seminar on May 7, 2023. This biennial event held in/near Washington, D.C. includes a half-day of wellness seminars to help patients and families self-advocate. The next day is a full day of meetings with those patients’/family members’ federal representatives on Capitol Hill, which helps patients and families advocate for millions of others. Click here to learn more about this event and how you can advocate on your own! (2023)