Update on Tethered Cord Common Data Elements

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2020 Research Colloquium

Virtual Meeting - September 18, 2020

Each year, Bobby Jones CSF hosts an annual colloquium to improve the academic research space associated with the study of Chiari malformationsyringoymelia and related disorders. Experts are able to present their research and engage in meaningful discussions with others who look at these problems with a critical eye. All the presentations were based on recently published studies as of mid-2020. Common Data Element (CDE) are standardized key terms or concepts, established so that they may be used in clinical research or in studies, to enhance data quality and so that the data can be used across sites and over time. Here, Dr. Fraser Henderson and team of experts present on the Common Data Elements for Tethered Cord Syndrome (TCS) they have created with the purpose of receiving input from the other attendees at the 2020 Bobby Jones CSF Research Colloquium. The team found this project to be of great importance due to the controversy surrounding TCS. Team members include: U. Batzdorf, K. Esposito, H. Gilmer, D. Gordon, J. Heiss, F. Henderson, P. Klinge, M. Koby, D. Long, M. Narayanan, D. Poppe, R. Singh. Like and Subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive notifications every time we share a new video! 

Revised 11/2020