Ask the Experts: Tethered Cord Syndrome

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Tethered cord syndrome involves a wide spectrum of signs and symptoms that may often appear to be other disorders such as Chiari malformation or syringomyelia. Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield and Dr. Petra Klinge hosted an excellent Q&A session all about tethered cord. They explain what tethered cord syndrome actually is and why (and how!) it is considered clinically different than a "literal" tethered cord. Because this Q&A is more focused on the single topic of tethered cord syndrome, Drs. Klinge and Greenfield are able to discuss more in-detail about more granular issues. Questions are asked about issues as different as what is the actual process of tethered cord surgery, to whether symptoms can be impacted by pregnancy or puberty. This presentation was given on Thursday, June 25, 2020 and was presented entirely online. (2020) Note from Bobby Jones CSF: We want to take a moment to sincerely thank all those who donated in support of this virtual presentation. No one at the organization was expecting that much generosity during such a difficult time for us all. From the bottom of the hearts of our boards, staff and volunteers, we want to thank you for your donations. Your kindness continues to motivate us and makes us all the more certain that this work is valuable and helping the people who need it. Thank you.   Full transcript (coming soon):

Revised: 7/2020