The Story of the MRI

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JANUARY 16, 2019
Truly a miracle of modern medicine, the invention of the MRI has ushered in an entirely new era in diagnostic and treatment capabilities. Doctors are able to see and describe diseases that were previously written off as medical mysteries-- many of which were diagnosed too late. Chiari malformation and syringomyelia used to fall into this category, but the advent of MRI made it possible for patients to be accurately identified in a timely fashion. The MRI has saved countless lives of patients with all different types of diseases and disorders, ranging from Chiari to cancer.

Dr. Raymond V. Damadian retells the story of his groundbreaking invention of the MRI in this gripping lecture. Detailing the hurdles he and his colleagues came up against, Dr. Damadian recounts this incredible story that revolutionized medicine in all fields. (2019)

Revised: 9/2019