What to Know About Chiari 1 Malformation: What is Chiari and Why Do I Have Symptoms?

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David Bauer, MD, MPH presents at our first in-person lecture at Texas Children's Hospital on “What Should I Know About Chiari Malformation?: What is Chiari and Why do I Have Symptoms?” Dr. Bauer gives a short history of Chiari I and shares some examples of patients including their varying symptoms and who might benefit from surgical intervention and some research around that. Dr. Bauer also speaks about the differences between the types of Chiari, including Chiari II and Complex Chiari, as well as 'potential' Chiari-related diagnoses and their treatments. Dr. Bauer shares what we, as a community, have done to further better diagnosis and treatment, what the future holds to continue this research, and how you can participate in finding better answers for those with Chiari! This lecture was given at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, TX on February 8th. (2024)