Think Tank Meeting

Thinking Through Chiari, Syrinx and Related Disorders

The Think Tank meeting takes place every year. This meeting brings together the leading physicians, scientists and leaders in the Chiari, syringomyelia and related disorder community.

What improvements has the Think Tank Meeting produced so far?

The past several years have involved the collaboration of more than 50 medical professionals and institutions around the globe. Successful collaboration at this level, nationally and internationally, has allowed Bobby Jones CSF to develop the first, ever international patient registry for individuals affected by Chiari, syringomyelia and related disorders that uses standardized methods (CDEs) to streamline research. A patient database of this size and quality will allow for larger, multi-center, and more statistically sound research studies.

With the more advanced, accurate research that this database can provide, we will be closer than ever to finding real solutions for patients and their families who struggle with these disorders every single day.

Are you a professional and would like to join us?

If you are a provider or researcher and are interested in attending a future Think Tank or Bobby Jones CSF-sponsored research conference/meeting, please contact Dorothy Poppe by phone (718-966-2593) or email.

Previous Think Tank Meetings

2020 Think Tank (Due to COVID-19, this meeting became a virtual conference where experts met to plan future research projects. No video presentations are available.)

2019 Think Tank (focus on new research)

2018 Think Tank (focus on genetics & new research)

2017 Think Tank (focus on “definition[s]” of Chiari)

2016 Think Tank (focus on experimental research)

2015 Think Tank (focus on pseudotumor cerebri)

Other Think Tank Meetings


Revised: 10/2020