Bobby Jones CSF Think Tank

2016: Experimental & Emerging Research in Chiari

The 2016 Think Tank meeting focused on experimental and emerging areas of research in Chiari medicine. This year saw the largest group of physicians, nurses, neuropsychologists and other clinical experts than ever in attendance!

Thanks to all who came out this year, not only to teach, but also to learn a little more about Chiari and its related disorders. Constant education (even of the experts!) will help ensure patients are receiving the best care possible!

Among the experts in the room, there was a huge response to the talks about cognition and a real desire to learn more about what clinicians can do to help patients who may feel cognitively impaired.

CSF was thrilled to see this interest spike and chose cognition issues in children and adults with Chiari as the topic for the 2016 fall CSF Research Colloquium.

2016 Think Tank Presentations



Revised: 4/2017