Bobby Jones CSF Think Tank

2018: Genetics & New Research

The annual CSF Think Tank Meeting brings together the leading experts in the clinical and research world who are interested in Chiari malformation, syringomyelia and related disorders. Research initiatives are shared and new ideas are developed to find answers for patients and families who need it most.

The 2018 CSF Think Tank focused on unlocking new genetic markers and heritability of Chiari malformation, as well as the new paths that Chiari, syringomyelia and related disorder research and treatment have been undertaking in recent years.

2018 Think Tank Presentations

Occipitocervical Fusion in Joint Hypermobility Syndrome with Dysautonomia
Harold L. Rekate, MD (Neurosurgeon)

Update on PCORI-Funded Trial: Posterior Fossa Decompression With or Without Duraplasty for Chiari Type I with Syringomyelia
David Limbrick, MD, PhD (Pediatric Neurosurgeon)

Neuro-imaging of Emergency Presentations of Hereditary Connective Tissue Disorders
Myles Koby, MD (Neuroradiologist)

Diffusion Tensor Imaging Assessment of Microstructural Brainstem Integrity in Chiari Malformation Type I
Vibhor Krishna, MD (Neurosurgeon)

Headache Differential in the Chiari and Hypermobility-Spectrum Patients
Fraser C. Henderson, MD (Neurosurgeon)

Defining Unique Chiari Classifications & Chiari 0.5
Jeffrey P. Greenfield, MD, PhD (Pediatric Neurosurgeon)

Genetic Risk Factors for Chiari I Malformation and Syringomyelia
Gabriel Haller, PhD (Geneticist)

The Search for Predisposition Genes in Chiari Malformation
Douglas Brockmeyer, MD (Neurosurgeon)


Revised: 6/2018