International CSF Hydrodynamics Symposium

2013: 2nd CSF Hydrodynamics Symposium

Thank you to the conference Chairs: Bryn Martin (University of Akron, USA), Shaokoon Cheng (Neuroscience Research, Australia), Lynne Bilston (Neuroscience Research, Australia) and the Board members: Vartan Kurtcuoglu (University of Zurich), Frank Loth (University of Akron), and Paul Farrell (The Farrell Law Firm, P.C.).

This symposium was sponsored by The Monkton Institute, Candida Lancaster, and the Bobby Jones Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation.

The number of investigators conducting numerical and experimental simulations to better understand the dynamics of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) has continued to increase since the 1st International CSF Dynamics Symposium held in Zurich, Switzerland. Building on this momentum, we held the 2nd International CSF Dynamics Symposium to continue exchange of ideas toward modeling of CSF.

Approximately 25 invited speakers from around the world presented their research that involves either experiments or computational methods to better understand normal physiology and diseases related to CSF motion, such as Chiari malformation, syringomyelia and hydrocephalus.

2013 Hydrodynamics Symposium Program


Dear Ms. Poppe, Congratulations to you and your staff for the excellent 2nd CSF Dynamics Symposium. 

Sincerely yours, Abraham Shulman, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dear Dorothy, Congratulations, I heard only good things from people who attended the symposium. I’ll be in touch. 

Regards, Candida Lancaster

Dorothy, It was very nice to meet in NY last week.  Thank you again for all that you have done for the support of research in this critically needed area. 

Best, Mark Wagshul, PhD

Thanks a lot for your implication to organize the conference in NY it was for me a great event to meet and discuss with all the participants. I am sure cause of this meeting new things will be done in the future to improve patients.

Avec toute mon amitié, Olivier Baledent, PhD

Symposium Lecture Videos

Blood And CSF Flow: What We Can See And What We Would Like To See Soon
Olivier Balédent, PhD  (Engineer)
University of Copenhagen | Copenhagen, Denmark

How To Use Experimental Data Effectively in Modeling
Lynn Bilston, PhD (Engineer)
NeuRA | Sydney, Australia

Pathogenesis and Pathology of Hydrocephalus
Marc Del Bigio, MD, PhD (Pathologist)
University of Manitoba | Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada

Potential Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow Pathways in the Development of Syringomyelia
Shaokoon Cheng, PhD (Engineer)
Macquarie University | Sydney, Australia

Pilot, Multi-Scale Numerical Framework for Brain Mechanics
Diane de Zelicourt, PhD (Engineer)
Univerisity of Zurich | Zurich, Switzerland

A Fractional Pressure-Volume Model Of Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics: Marmarou’s Model Revisited
Corina Drapaca, PhD (Mathematician)
Penn State University | University Park, Pennsylvania, USA

EDS Related Craniocervical Instability: Spinal Fusion with Stabilization – Two Year Follow Up
Fraser C. Henderson Sr., MD (Neurosurgeon)
The Metropolitan Neurosurgery Group | Lanham, Maryland, USA

Near-Wall Ventricular Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics
Vartan Kurtcuoglu, PhD (Engineer)
Univerisity of Zurich | Zurich, Switzerland

Effect of Spinal Micro-anatomy on CSF Flow Patterns
Andreas Linninger, PhD (Engineer)
Univerisity of Illinois at Chicago | Chicago, Illinois, USA

Quantitative Assessment of the Differences in Spinal CSF Dynamics in Chiari Malformation
Francis Loth, PhD (Engineer)
Univerisity of Akron | Akron, Ohio, USA

The Spinal Cord and Meninges as a Fluid-Filled Elastic Waveguide in Syringomyelia
Tony Lucey, PhD (Engineer)
Curtin University – Perth | Perth, Australia

Spinal Cord Nerve Roots and Denticulate Ligaments Alter CSF Dynamics in the Upper Cervical Spine
Bryn A. Martin, PhD (Engineer)
Univerisity of Idaho | Moscow, Idaho, USA

Novel MRI-Based Measurements of CSF Flow Dynamics in Pediatric Patients with Chiari Malformation
John Oshinski, PhD (Engineer)
Emory University | Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Mathematical Models of CSF Dynamics: Uses and Challenges
Harold L. Rekate, MD (Neurosurgeon)
Hofstra University School of Medicine | Garden City, New York, USA

What Role Does CSF Play In Vision Impairment In Astronaunts
M. Keith Sharp, SciD (Engineer)
Univerisity of Louisville | Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Biomechanics Of Demyelination Processes: How Shear Wave Propagation Can Reveal Microarchitectural Changes
Ralph Sinkus, PhD (Engineer)
King’s College London | London, United Kingdom

What Can Animal Models Teach Us About CSF Flow Dynamics?
Mark Wagshul, PhD (Engineer)
Albert Einstein College of Medicine | Bronx, New York, USA

Fine Structure of CSF and Interstitial Fluid Spaces and Their Drainage Pathways from the Human Central Nervous System
Roy Weller, MD, PhD (Neurologist)
Univerisity of Southampton | Southampton, United Kingdom

4D MR Flow Imaging: Experiences in Hemodynamics and Potentials in CSF Hydrodynamics
Oliver Wieben, PhD (Engineer)
Univerisity of Wisconsin Madison | Madison, Wisconsin, USA




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