Connecting Patients to Social Services & Other Resources

Patients and caregivers living with Chiari malformation, syringomyelia and related disorders may need help that Bobby Jones CSF can’t provide. These concerns– often referred to as the social determinants of health— are just as important as accessing care. Social and economic issues can even impact symptom presentation or long-term outcomes of treatment.1

To try and fill this gap, BJCSF has partnered with our friends at the Child Neurology Foundation and Unite Us to help connect patients and caregivers with services that can help them in the ways that we cannot!

Unite Us has a network of social service programs all around the United States that can help people find local programs that may help with things like health insurance/benefits assistance, clothing and household goods, food or transportation assistance, education or employment services, housing/utilities services, respite care, legal/financial counseling, mental health and other services. Please indicate in the description what services you need so we can best identify how to direct you to help!

Please note: In order for us to try and connect you with services in your local area, you will need to provide your express consent for us to access certain information. Please read the consent information carefully and only sign if you agree to those terms.

  1. Akbari SHA, Oates GR, Gonzalez-Sigler I, Arynchyna AA, McCrosky J, Alford EA, et al. Care for Chiari malformation type I: the role of socioeconomic disadvantage and race. J Neurosurg Pediatr. 2021;1-7.
Revised 12/2022