Want to get involved in fundraising and keep on track with your fitness goals while you're at it? Get involved with CSF's Train4Brains to raise awareness and funds for important educational programs and research projects while also keeping yourself healthy and well!

Maybe you're not diagnosed with CM, SM or a related disorder. Maybe you are diagnosed or you have another medical condition, but you're feeling well enough to train and get fit. Either way, why not use the gift of health that you've been given and train for those who cannot? A lot of patients and their families who are affected by Chiari malformation, syringomyelia and related disorders can't exert themselves too much, physically.

The best thing about Train4Brains? It's fitness your way. Not very fast? Run an easy, no stress race! Not a runner, but prefer weight-training? Feel free to get involved in a strength event! Not able to work out at all because of your symptoms? Even training for something as small as a short walk is enough to get started on your path to wellness... and it's more than enough to get started on sharing desperately needed awareness for these disorders!

How do I get started?

Pick a fitness goal. Whether your goal is as lofty as running a marathon or as simple as being able to do a certain number of push-ups, decide what you want to achieve.

Set an end date. This is definitely the scariest part of the process. A lot of people think they can’t achieve their fitness goals by a certain date… but if you don’t set a hard date for your goal, you’ll never be able to reach it because it will always be just out of reach in the future! And trust us, when you reach your goal– no matter how large or small– you feel amazing because you’ve accomplished something you may have been scared to attempt in the first place.

See if there is a specific fitness challenge you want to join to help you along your journey to success! There are many different websites, mobile apps and online communities that can help you start achieving your fitness goals, virtually. For example, the fitness app MapMyFitness has ongoing challenges that help you reach goals you never thought possible!

Start your fundraising. There are multiple ways to fundraise for CSF! You can contact us directly and we’ll set up your very own fundraising page for you! We encourage you to choose this option, because your gift will be fully tax-deductible and you will receive an official tax-deductible receipt directly from CSF! You can also set up a third-party fundraiser on numerous different crowd-funding websites such as CrowdRise and others.

Keep in mind… No matter which fundraising route you take, you will be relying on your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to help you reach your fundraising goals. Fundraising 101 relies on the “Pay it Forward” method. If you ask your neighbor to donate $10 and have him ask 3 of his neighbors to donate $10, too, you will have raised $40 with one simple conversation! If you ask 10 of your neighbors to donate $5 and ask them to ask 10 of their neighbors, you will have raised a whopping $500!

You’re almost ready to train, but before you do…

You should always consult a physician before beginning a new workout regimen. Talk to your primary care provider and determine how you should get started. Follow their instructions carefully to avoid injury! You’re doing this to get healthy, not hurt! You can’t help make a difference for patients and families affected by Chiari malformation, syringomyelia and related disorders if you don’t take care of yourself, first!

Contact us to get started and have your fundraiser listed below!



Revised: 12/2015