PCORI-Funded Chiari Surgery Study

Chiari Decompression: To Duraplasty or Not To Duraplasty?

CSF SEA Board member Dr. David Limbrick was awarded $2.8million dollars from the Patient-Centered Research Outcomes Initiative (PCORI) in 2015 for his study to determine whether posterior fossa decompression is more effective for patients with or without duraplasty.

CSF is honored to have been selected as a Patient Advocate Partner to help ensure that this scientific study has voices from patients… all of you.

Want to learn how you can get directly involved and be a part of Chiari research history? Watch Dr. Limbrick explain how a randomized controlled trial (RCT) works and the questions the study is looking to answer.

Chiari Decompression: To Duraplasty or Not to Duraplasty? from csfinfo on Vimeo.


Reviewed on 9/2019