The Executive Committee of the Scientific Education & Advisory Board will solicit the assistance of other experts in the field to regularly update the basic CM/SM topics, including the leading clinical, radiological, therapeutic, and socioeconomic issues. In addition, the Committee will make a serious effort to ensure that controversial information is addressed in a fair and balanced manner.

The disorders & co-morbidities

Chiari I malformation
Chiari II malformation
Genetics of Chiari
Tethered cord
Idiopathic intracranial hypertension
Syrinx with scoliosis

Diagnostic considerations

CSF flow

Treatment considerations

Surgical interventions
Pain in Chiari & syringomyelia
Spinal cord injury in Chiari & syringomyelia
Current clinical research


Chiari “0”
Controversial topics

Ongoing education of medical professionals

Consider Chiari

Bobby Jones CSF is committed to continuing the education of medical professionals of various disciplines and has started to grow its Consider Chiari seminar series. If you are interested in expanding this program to a Grand Rounds or CME-associated seminar at your institution, please contact our Executive Director, Dorothy Poppe.

Proceedings from Research Colloquia

Each autumn, the Bobby Jones Chiari & Syringomyelia Foundation hosts a Research Colloquium that dives deeper into the specific clinical issues associated with the diagnosis and treatment of Chiari malformation, syringomyelia and other cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) disorders. Each book represents a written collection of the in-person presentations given and discussions had at these meetings.

If you have late-breaking research results that you would like to present at these meetings, please contact us at to inquire about the upcoming events. Check our calendar for upcoming meeting dates and learn more about previous meetings here.


Reviewed on 02/2020


Department of Medicine, Section of Medical Genetics Duke University Medical Center
Department of Neurological Surgery University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics, Madison
Department of Neurosurgery Children’s of Alabama – University of Alabama
Department of Biological Engineering University of Idaho
Department of Neurological Surgery University of Michigan
Department of Neurosurgery Oregon Health Science Center
Department of Neurological Surgery Formerly: The Cleveland Clinic
College of Engineering The University of Akron
Department of Neurosurgery Metropolitan Neurosurgery Group
Department of Neurological Surgery