I WANT TO participate

You may be unable to plan or participate in a group unite@night walk. It happens. Maybe it’s too much of a time commitment, you don’t have enough community support yet, or maybe you just aren’t ready. But what if you really want to help raise money for the cause? Well… you can!

You can have your own unite@night Solo Walk or Virtual Walk! Invite your family, friends and neighbors to join you, head out on your own and take a brief stroll around your neighborhood, or do a virtual “walk” from home. You will still be able to raise money and “walk with us” either alone or virtually.

The best part is: you are entitled to win the same recognition prizes as anyone participating in a group unite@night walk! That means, just by raising $50 on your own, you will receive a 2022 unite@night T-shirt– and if you raise more than $50 you are eligible to win any of the other recognition prizes at each donation level! (Recognition prize information will be released soon!)

You can become a 2022 Solo or Virtual Walker or, if you want to go a little bigger, you can sign up to be a 2022 unite@night Walk Chairperson!

What makes a Solo/Virtual Walk different than any other unite@night walk?

In fact, not much! Solo/Virtual Walks are almost identical to group walks, with the exception of the planning stages. You will generally not need to secure a venue or go through the motions of finding donated water, etc. The fundraising is all the same!

How do I raise money for my Solo/Virtual Walk?

You can call on friends, family, neighbors, co-workers (whomever!) for small donations to support your cause. There is a phrase: “Little by little, a little becomes a lot.” Fundraising works exactly like that! For example, you can try the “pay it forward” technique. Recruit 10 people to donate $25 to your “walk”, and ask them to recruit 10 people to do the same, you have just raised $2,500, with practically no work!

How are donations collected?

You will be able to use the MobileCause fundraising website, just as anyone participating in a group walk would. You may ask people to donate online and credit you directly, or they are able to send in a check or money order made payable to “Bobby Jones CSF” to the address below. You are discouraged from sending cash in the mail: it’s just not safe! If you have collected your donations in cash (since most people do donate in this way), you can convert that money to a cashier’s check and mail it in! For assistance on how to do so, pay a visit to your bank and talk to the local teller.

Checks made payable to “Bobby Jones CSF” (if a check is made payable to an individual person, the donation will not be tax-deductible):

Bobby Jones CSF
69-39 Yellowstone Blvd. #216
Forest Hills, NY  11375

Have a question that hasn’t been answered here? Send an email to cpoznik@bobbyjonescsf.org or call Chapter Coordinator Cathy Poznik at (330) 998-6195.